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If you don't find info on an area you are traveling to, send us an email and we will send you a list of members who have experience in the area you will be traveling to and tell you what we know about the area as we have travelled extensively. 


SwapPhotosShoots would like to be come "the place" that photographers come to share reliable information about when and where to take stunning photographs. We know how frustrated we have been to find out about the great spot to take photos - but its the last day of our trip!  We want photogs to have the full story before heading out with their camera.  


Photogs love what they do and they want to share information and give advice on their local area or places they have traveled to. Maybe in the future we will have a section to rate photo guides and photo trips.


We need your help! We are photographers not webmasters!  Send us an email on what you would like to see on this webpage and ideas on how to improve the site. 



We have a new webpage!

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